About ECaptainsschool.com - Online Learning Center and Captain's School

Online Charter boat captains school Online captain's school and licenseThis online charter boat captains license program is aimed at combining the convenience of an online program and the classroom to fine tune and practice plotting and “fine tune” your Rules of the Road prior to actually taking an approved Coast Guard test.

When you sign up you will be shipped everything you need to complete the Captains License course: Study Guide, charts, and plotting gear. You will create your own password when you register. Access will be provided as soon as your payment via credit card is processed. The program. The program will actually keep score as you progress thru course.

Yes, study in your own home and at your own convenience while having access to a professional teacher in case you get stuck and then attendance to a professional charter boat captain's class with an experienced accredited teaching professional.

You’ve got 6 months to complete your online part and another 6 months to complete the course.

Your online portion will be setup in 2 hour sessions ending with a quiz which will insure that you have absorbed the material to the level as required by the CG to become a professional.

The test is set up in sections and once passed it’s done for that section. In the rare case that you don’t pass a section you will be allowed to re-test that section at another site.

Once completed, your score will be send to the Coast Guard and certificate submitted that you can use as proof of competency. Your certificate and proper CG paperwork will gain the “treasured” CG license.

However, if you are unable to complete the charter boat captain's course in time or even you find out that it’s not for you the school will allow a substantial discount toward a regular classroom course.